J.S. Interior Corporate Vaasthu Interiors Designers

We offer interior design services including: concept design, space planning, schematic design, furniture, Vaasthu design and fabric specification, kitchen, bath designer and corporate interior designing; purchasing, warehousing; delivery; installation; and remodeling and vaasthu tips. Our services have been appreciated by the patrons due to the professionalism they are executed with and creativity and innovation contain.

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Interior Designers

Interior designing is the complete creative solution for a programmed interior. We not only plan and design useful, attractive interiors for residences but also for commercial spaces like, corporate offices, showrooms, hotels and restaurants. We take up tasks relating to an entire building or just a room and are involved beyond just looking after the finishing and furnishing of the space.

Designed a mobile accessories showroom for nokia shop. Well-spacious and organized, the showroom has been designed keeping the aesthetic sense and other requirements of our clients in mind. We provide design consultancy, furniture and accessories creation and interior decoration for our clients.

Kitchen Interiors

Offering you a contemporary kitchen is our innate capability and we have all the necessary requirements to assist you in the kitchen. Our expertise lies in offering you a contemporary modular kitchen which is functional in all respect. All the basics and augmented factors are well realized to make cooking a memorable experience.

The company offers a wide & Exclusive collection of Italian and European kitchen cabinets. we are the pioneer in india to use the wooden accessaries in our modular kitchens. we are also using the high quality stainless steel accessaries in our modular kithcens as per the requirement of the clients.

Living Rooms Designers

We very well realize that living room is one place where you tend to spend much time, when at home, hence we take that extra care to decorate it according to your fine taste. The furniture chosen by us is exquisite and makes your room all the more exclusive. Everything that is needed by you is well thought of and kept in place so that you experience ultimate comfort.

Timber Doors

Timbor offers solid wood E-CO molded panel doors. For a door that speaks so much of you, our doors have a green earth story of their own. Timbor Eco molded panel doors are made of 100% Eco-friendly materials, in panel-in-frame construction. The stiles & rails 9frames) are made of 100% kiln dried plantation timber from sustainable forests and both side raised insert panels are made out leightweight closed cell “Sine wave core”,. Timbor eco doors are available in 2,4 and 6 square & arch panels in solid glass, grill and lourved combinations.

You can choose to tell your story with walnut, angered, cherry, teak, rosewood, chestnut, and wenge or with bold and pastel colures. You can also make your dip a legand with our 30-120 minutes fire Retardant doors. Make your contribution to the green cause with Timbor doors.

Office Interiors

Organized and highly sophisticated corporate office areas are offered by us. All the requirements that are needed in the office is well taken care of by us. Spacious cupboards to store the files and comfortable furniture are some of the vital things that we always in corporate in our interior designing.

An elaborate effort is made to make a comfortable staff area that is meant to deliver all the requirements meeting the worker's specific tastes and genre of work. The staff area is spacious and has some of the finest contemporary furniture making it all the more exclusive. It is designed in such a manner so as to add charm to the ambiance of the office.

Workplace Designers

Spacious and design corporate cabins are our specialty and we use some of the most exquisite furniture that give a rich look to the cabin. The cabins designed by us are spacious and highly sophisticated and are actually impressive. We provide everything that is needed to comfort the user while at corporate work like, a soothing ambiance, comfortable furniture etc.

Holding a valuable experience of decorating cabins, we are known to offer some of the most exclusive office cabins. These cabins have all the comforts that are required in your personal cabin. They are very spacious with hi design furniture and side tables for conversations in the cabin. Thus making them ideal cabins to meet the specific needs of the user.

Bedroom Interiors

We are known to gift you a dream bedroom by rendering our quality services, the entire bedroom set up is contemporary and has fresh style. All the latest details are well kept in mind while designing your bedroom. The basics are well kept in place and of course the luxuries and comforts are never forgotten by us. This kind of unique service makes us a different name all together.

Having all the comforts that you need in your bedroom makes our creation all the more special and desirable. Spacious beds and exquisite curtains make a perfect ambiance to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Each item selected by us is exclusive and makes you get the feeling that the right people have decorated your home.

Cottage Interiors

Wood valley Cottages is fitted out to an extremely high standard with beautiful furnishings to make your stay luxurious and very comfortable.A wood paneled lounge with fireplace leads on to a large bed rooms with balcony. The cottage has quality furniture including double sofa set etc.

The Cottage is Designed with space equipped for Gas Stove, cooker, Microwave, Fridge, Electric oven, toaster, Utensils, Crockery everything client will need.we make it like a home away from home.

Shutter & Doors

The doors and shutters are offered in raised panel and flat panel construction, are available in different style and finishes of solid wood, membrane, Veneer, thermo foils, Laminates, Aluminium and glass. Timbor Cucine’s solid wood, veneered lacquered doors are protected with a new generation PU coating system which enhances the overall appearance of the door and provides extended protection against water, stains, Cigarette burns and household chemicals.

Vaastu Interiors Design

We offer our services to decorate your house or offices or any desired residential or commercial place by the outlook of vastu shastra ( knowledge)Look beautiful or show beautiful is a basic instincts of human being, whether it is a matter of it self or his house or car or else he always intend to show beautiful all these things. Generally people take meaning of interior decoration for colors of wall and roof, type and shape of furniture, showpieces, statues, water fountains, pictures, hangings, and other related stuffs.

But when we think about interior decorations by the out look of vastu knowledge than thought are change, on that time we found some logic and ethic about how to applying colors, placement of furniture, show pieces, water related article, and get a pleased atmosphere and refreshed our mentally and physical energy.